Holiday 2013

Have decided now that the boys are old enough, we will have a summer holiday project.  This year we are going to do bugs!  I have put in an order with the techs at school for some equipment and will get some scrapbooking bits and bobs.  One day we will do a bug hunt and another day we will do pond dipping.

Started our project this week!!  We have our equipment:

Borrowed some from school - most of the pond dipping stuff it has to be said - will pond dip another day - hoping to get what we have so far into the scrapbook today.

Found several things this week including these!!

But managed to tire the boys out!  (That, of course is a good thing)

Went to Hever Castle - Went to the water maze first - Thomas got very wet!!  Good job we had a change of clothes!  Then we went to the field for a picnic lunch and to watch the jousting.  Then to finish off we had an ice cream overlooking the lake - beautiful.

Went to Drusillas Park.  Saw loads of animals, took a ride on Thomas and played in the water amongst other things.

Went to London Zoo.  Saw loads of animals again, took 3 trains and a taxi and saw Buckingham Palace!!

Went pond dipping today.  Was a little bit wet (raining not just the pond!).  We didn't find that much but we did find loads of newts, a few midge larvae, a worm, a snail and some water beetles.

Last week of August
This week we went back to Somerset.  Whilst there we were there we went to Creally Park and Exmouth Beech.

 These are the before and after shots of my husband and son on the log flume!!
 And this are my 3 boys on the beech!!

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