Sunday, 18 March 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 38

I'm feeling a little under the weather today, but it has meant I have done a fair bit of knitting.
We have also had a little more snow. 

I completed three more little socks for my advent calendar this week. 
I have made progress on the winter rose socks.
The yarn is a Wensleydale Shetland blend from the knitting goddess.  I am on the heel now and am going to add a fish lips kiss heel.
I have also made progress on Zinone but it looks much the same so will report next week on that project. 
I have cast on socks for Thomas in another yarn by the knitting goddess in tiger feet. 
and I have added the next bits to reflection - I decided on a contrast colour as I think I will run out.
 I love this shawl, and I'm not really a shawl person!
Anyway, I'm off to bed now!  Hope you all have a good week.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

A Year of Projects Update - Week 37

I have been making a little progress on everything this week so lets just jump straight in! 
I have been doing a little on Thomas's Christmas jumper and have started the sleeves.
I'm really hoping these will fly by as he has thin arms!

I have been making progress on the winter rose socks by Helen Stewart.  I really like this pattern so far and each pattern repeat is nice a easy to memorise.  I am using some yarn from The Knitting Goddess.
I am also loving Reflections by Veera Valimaki - this is very addictive and is going to be so squishy.  I think I will need some more yarn so have picked a pink from stash!
I have also been progressing on Zinone but have also realised I will need some more yarn for this - I think I was a bit optimistic when I ordered.  Anyway I have ordered another skein from Blacker.
In other news I have been making progress in the garden - I am going to build a barbecue doing the Easter holidays.  And it was mothers Day here in the UK today so I got some nice bits from the boys including chocolate and coffee so I am happy!
Have a great week.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

A Year of Projects Update - Week 36

It's been a bit of a week here!  On and off snow all week, enough for snowballs, but no snow day!
I have an FO this week and two cast ons.  I wanted more, but have refrained.
FO is my Christmas socks.  These are an improvised pattern and Little French Meadow yarn.
As a result I have cast on my Helen Stewart socks.
I'm using my Knitting Goddess yarn that I was using for my pumpkin spice mitts.
I have made some progress on Thomas's jumper, and some progress on my Zinone.

I have also made a little progress on my garland socks.
I recieved my copy of interpretations 5 yesterday.  And if I didn't want to cast everything on before, I now definitely do.  I have wound up lots of yarn in preparation.

I have cast on Reflection by Veera Valimaki out of my Riverknits yarn, which I am now having trouble putting down.  Also in the pile of yarn is my Stranded dyeworks yarn which I will be casting on Quiet stars by Joji Locatelli with.

I must finish my Zinone before I cast on Quiet Stars and I want to finish the garland socks before I cast on some socks for Thomas (that is the orange and black yarn in the picture).  Let's see what next week brings!  Have a great one.

Monday, 26 February 2018

A Year of Projects Update - Week 35

I am in a land of stockinette at the moment!

My Zinone by Andi Satterlund is down to the body.  So it is just stockinette all the way.  I am knitting this in Blacker yarns Lyonesse in the aquamarine colourway.  The actual colour has much more green to it.
My Christmas socks are coming along the leg, and so is just stockinette.
The next three socks for my garland KAL are up to the heels so are a little more interesting.  But then it will be back to stockinette.
Thomas's Christmas jumper is onto the body, so is just stockinette!
I am dying to cast on something new, but I really want to finish some things first.  And I will be receiving Interpretations 5 at the end of the week so. I. Must. Wait!

Hopefully I will have at least 1 finish by next week and then I can tell you all about my shiny new cast on's.
Have a great week.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 34

Oh I have had such a good week!  Very productive in lots of ways.  I have made lots of progress on my projects but have no pictures of those, I have lots of pictures of yarn though, so I hope no one minds!

Monday saw me and a friend taking down our decking in the back garden.  It did not take as long as we thought it might, and there was a patio underneath that just needs a good clean and tidy.

Then during the week I made good progress on Thomas's Christmas jumper and my Christmas socks.  I also got going on Zinone and am now nearly ready to start the front.
Then on Friday me and the boys went to Unravel which is a yarn festival about 50 minutes drive from us.  It was the first time I had been and have been planning what I wanted for a while. 
So here are my purchases.
 First up is a sweater quantity of Stranded Dyeworks 4ply in the Metalsome colourway.  This is going to become a cardigan to partner my dresses.
 I picked up two skeins from Fine Fish yarn to become a pair of socks for me and Daniel.
 These two from Riverknits are to become a shawl.
 These three from John Arbon Textiles are to be a jumper for Daniel.
And these from Treskelion yarns are to be an All My Love by Joji Locatelli.
And that is that (and should be enough to keep me going for a while).
Anyway, I think that is quite enough hope everyone has a great week and I promise I will have photos of actual knitting next week!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The Garden Project - January update

January tasks
  • Clean the greenhouse - remove all dead plants, re pot any living plants, tidy and clean as necessary
  • 'book' Julie and her chainsaw for the February half term to take down the decking and book a skip for the same time
  • Clear the garden of leaves
  • Cut back all brambles
  • Prune the raspberries right down in fruit cage
  • Research a stand for the strawberries
February tasks
  • Take down decking
  • sort out patio
  • Make strawberry stand
  • Sow cabbages, lettuce and basil
  • Soak sweet peas
  • Buy potatoes

These are all of the tasks I had planned for January and what I intend to do this month.  As you can see, the big progress has been with the decking.  Julie and I spent Monday removing it as you can see below.

So the decking is now gone. I am going to spend a little time at the end of the week tidying the new patio.  I am going to keep what was underneath, although Darren may have to level out a bit of it.  There is a patch that I think I can build a barbecue onto.  Otherwise, it just really needs a clean and tidy and will be good to go.  I have been looking at the wood we have and think I can fashion a frame and place some strawberry planters on top.  Again this, together with the other tasks on the January list will hopefully be done at the end of the week.  So there we are - I will take pictures and update again at the end of the month.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 33

We have made it to half term!  Of course it has not been a very long half term, but it has been a busy one.
I have a few plans for this week.  Tomorrow me and a friend are going to take down our decking.  We have tools and are ready to go!  I will update in a garden project update later in the week.  On Friday the boys and I are off to Farnham and Unravel.  This is the nearest yarn festival to us, we are not going to any talks or classes (not sure the boys would appreciate either), but I intend to enjoy the marketplace.  Anyway I will report on my purchases next Sunday.

I finished my testknit yesterday, but can't show you just yet. 
I also received two lots of fabric from a seller mentioned by Katie at Inside Number 23 - another Katie actually at Sewsewsew.  And I made a couple more dresses!
I love these, they are a little lighter weight than the other two so should take me easily through the summer.  I am going to get some fingering weight yarn from Unravel and make a little cardigan that goes with all of the dresses.  The pattern is Coco by Tilly and the buttons and all the fabric is knit jersey.

I put a bit of work into Thomas's Christmas jumper this week.  I think I'm about half way through the body, but I do have time!
I've also done a little more on my Christmas socks and I'm ready to cast on Helen Stewart's winter rose socks.
I have also cast on Zinone by Andi Satterlund.  I knit one of these a couple of years ago and love it as a summer top, so I have got some Blacker yarns Lyonese which has a 50% linen content and have started another in that.

Hopefully, I will get through a lot of this this week and will report next week.  I hope everyone has a great week with lots of lovely crafting.