Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Year of Projects Update - week 17

I've done some bits this week, but mostly it has been preparation for this coming week, as it is the mid term break and I have lots of plans.
I have one - another hat again in Malabrigo Rio's and the cuffed hat.  This is number 2 of 7.
My bird socks are progressing slowly - I am nearly at the heel.  I will be doing a fish lips kiss heel and making a nice long leg!
My Miranda is also coming along nicely, I still love this pattern and yarn.  The yarn is Madelinetosh pashmina worsted and it is a delight.  I have a few more rounds to go to get to the pocket.
I have also cast on a cloth as a Christmas present, I have stalled slightly on Thomas's socks but hope to get these on track this week.  In other crafty plans this week, I hope to dye some yarn this week, I have some undyed yarn from Devon Sun Yarns and I have some undyed to spin, so I will try to get that ready for the end of the week.  That is the plan anyway.  We also have pumpkins to carve and cakes will be baked!!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

A Year of Projects Update - week 16

I seem to have made little progress this week compared to last, but that is because I have been completely obsessed with one project!

I do have one of these - the next hat.  I am doing these for the whole family and teachers, so I have 7 now to make as presents and this is the first.
I have made a little progress on both pairs of socks, but not a lot.
This is the project that has taken my time this week.  I cast on Miranda by Josee Paquin.  I am loving it, the pattern is lovely and the yarn is just delightful.  It is Madelinetosh pashmina worsted in baltic and is fantastic to knit with.
I have no more this week!

No knitting related acquisitions this week (well not directly).  I purchased some peanut hottie (a peanut butter hot chocolate drink) that I tried this morning and it is gorgeous.  I also took delivery of some Christmas teas from the English Tea Shop.  I have tried 3 of them and they are all splendid so far (I have tried the gingerbread, Christmas punch and apple spice).
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Sunday, 9 October 2016

A Year of Projects Update - week 15

I meant to blog late last week, but it just didn't happen.  We went to the last meeting of the season for the touring cars on Sunday and that put me out for the week - we did have a great time though!
I do now have lots to show.
I finished Thomas's hat complete with pom pom but I haven't photographed it so you will just have to take my word for it.
I also finished the sock blank socks that are gorgeous - I now really want a Christmas one - I will be looking out for one!
 I also finished my Xmas jumper - yay, only 2 years in the making.  It went really quickly in the end.  I am not happy with the bottom ribbing, since I started it such a long time ago I think I cast on the wrong size.  I could rip out the bottom and reknit, but since I will wear this at my mum's at Christmas and at school for festive Friday (I promised my form I would finish it this year) I shall live with it.  As an added bonus I have enough yarn to knit Daniel a sweater so I chose Flax by Tin Can Knits.  Of course now Daniel has decided he wants the reindeer image on his sweater so we will see what we can do!
As a result of my finishing the sweater, I have gone cast on crazy!
I continued with my bluetit socks.
 I cast on another hat, this time for my dad...
And I caked up this yarn for a hat for my mum.  Both are some Malabrigo worsted that I had in stash.
 I cast on some socks for Thomas - Toe up this time so I can make them nice and long for him.  Yarn is the Knitting Goddess scooby doo colourway.  I am going to do blueberry waffle and fish lips kiss heel (to make a change!)
 I have also caked up the yarn for my next sweater - Miranda and the yarn is Madelintosh pashmina worsted in baltic - it's gorgeous and I can't wait to get underway.
 Hare is the leftover yarn from the Christmas jumper all ready to be made into Flax with a reindeer twist!
 And finally, just because it is ridiculously cute.  My friend sent me a picture of her dog in the jumper I knit it - look at him!!
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Sunday, 25 September 2016

A Year of Projects Update - week 13

I have been so productive this week!!  Better get on with it.

I finished a hat for Daniel.  It's using the same simple cuffed hat pattern as my hat.  I used Malabrigo worsted as I love that yarn.
I also finished the smooth operator socks that I did in west Yorkshire spinners cocktails in the tequila sunrise colourway.  Love these and they fit perfectly, but I probably won't do the afterthought heel again as I prefer the ease of the fish lips kiss heel and you can still use a contrast colour.  Susan's instructions were fantastic and I finally mastered the kitchener stitch.
I also started and finished a dog jacket that I was asked to make.  It's not perfect and I think if it fits the dog in question I will do a second in the round (I really don't like seaming).

There are several!  
I have made progress on my Xmas jumper and I have joined a sweater KAL to try to give me more impetus to finish.  I promised my students last year that I would have my own knitted one this year!
I have started Thomas's hat, using again the same pattern, and again in Malabrigo worsted.
I am nearly done with the sock blank socks, just a bit more leg and then the cuff to go.
I only had one sock on the needles so I had to cast on more!  I also joined a second KAL with Brityarn to knit socks with wool of British origin.  So I am using my West Yorkshire spinners in the birds colourway (I believe bluetit, but I could be wrong).

 And that, I believe, is that.  We haven't done much else this week.  I have updated all my projects on Ravelry, so if you are a member you can see all the details there.
Have a nice week!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

A Year of Projects Update - week 12

I've managed to miss another week.  What with Goodwood and work, I ran out of time!
I have no FO's this week, but I have several projects that are almost there, so hopefully. next week...

 I'm coming along very nicely with my tequila sunrise socks.  I am following Susan B Anderson's smooth operator pattern, and so have done an afterthought heel.  I am overly happy with my Kitchener stitch!  I have always winged it a bit with Kitchener (all it would have really taken was a glance at You tube of course), but I followed Susan's instructions and it was a breeze and look at it... You can't even see the join - I am very chuffed!  I probably wouldn't do an afterthought again though, I like the fish lips too much.
 I also started Daniel's hat, in a lovely soft Malabrigo worsted, the pattern is a simple cuffed hat.
I have also made great progress with my sock blank socks.  Pattern is the blueberry waffle, toe up with a fish lips kiss heel.  I am about to do the heel on the second sock.  No second sock syndrome with these as knitting with this blank is lovely.
I have made some progress on my Christmas jumper and nearly finished my next sheep but I will post those next week.

And that's all for this week. Hopefully I should be all back to normal next week and finally get around to catching up with all of the YOP posts.  Click the link on the side to catch them all.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

A Year of Projects Update - week 10

I missed last week as we were on holiday (a tiny bit on that later)  - I was going to post midweek but then I came down with something and felt dreadful for a couple of days.  So anyway, it means I have lots to update on!
I started and finished a hat.  I bought some Malabrigo worsted so that I can knit everyone a squishy hat and started with mine.  I have since added a bobble and I love it - it is the ribbed cuff hat by the Purl Bee a free pattern.
In another finish, I have made this bag with my quilting cotton and grommets.  I have used it since and I love it so much that I have made a second in flower fairy fabric.  That one is not quite finished so I will post that one next week.  I have also made a batch of bags for my shop, but won't bore you here - they are in the shop.
My socks from the sock blank are progressing.  I love the way this is knitting up and this will not be my last sock blank.  I am doing the blueberry waffle pattern and have done a fish lips kiss heel - I am now just knitting and knitting until I get to my half way marker on the sock blank (so that I use every last bit of it).
 I am continuing with my smooth operator socks - I am much further on from this pic now as I have put in the waste yarn for the heel and am working y way along the foot.
 I have done a little on my Xmas jumper, but not enough to show progress - I shall see if I can do some more this week!
This came while I was away.  It is some Suffolk and shetland top for me to spin.  I have lofty ideas about spinning it and dying it!!  We will see.
I also purchased the Mina Phillips beyond Vanilla collection (sock patterns) mostly enabled by Ruth, who pushed me over the edge, and I am definitely eyeing up the new sock pattern by Joji Locatelli because I could do with more sock patterns....

I am very sad today as tomorrow we go back to school. I know I am in a privileged position to be able to have such a long holiday and to be able to do the things we do, but I am still sad - I love spending the time with the boys and just doing as we please for a bit.  Here are some highlights:

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

A Year of Projects Update - week 8

We have had another entertaining week this week, we went to a zoo and to a 'safari' park.  Both were great but I think the highlight was getting this close to a giraffe!!  Port Lympne is a fantastic park in Kent that is set in loads of countryside, so although the animals are housed to look after them, they have access to miles of outside space.
In knitting I have made progress and have an FO!
I finished my blueberry waffle socks.  I love this pattern - I used 64 stitches with a 2.5 mm needle, a fish lips kiss heel and a rounded toe.  The yarn is by The Knitting Goddess.
As a result of finishing those and Daniel's the week before, I needed to cast on more!  I cast on Susan B Anderson's smooth operator socks with a West Yorkshire spinners yarn in the cocktails colourway - Tequila Sunrise.
I also cast on my sock blank.  These I will have to knit one at a time, I am using the blueberry waffle pattern again and fish lips kiss heel, but this time I am knitting them toe up so that I can use all of the yarn.
Both of these projects are making me so happy - the colours just make me smile!
I have deliberately not cast on a sweater (another project I like to always have on my needles) so that I can try to finish my Christmas jumper.
I have, however, wound the yarn so that I can start our winter hats - this is a Malabrigo worsted and I will be doing a plain ribbed hat by Purl Soho.
Several people asked last week about the bogway spinner that I have recently purchased.  There are a couple of videos on You tube, but I have ordered some more fibre, so when I get back from holiday I will see if I can get a short video of the spinner in action.
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